Odd Pacemaker Side Effects I’ve Experienced

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Could This Eye Twitch Be Caused By My Pacemaker?!

It was the weirdest thing. My left eye was twitching incessantly all day. I thought it was because of stress.

Then, while being at my wits end with my madly twitching left eye, I looked down at my Fitbit (that I use to not only track my steps but also my heart rate) and realized that my pacemaker was pacing as my eye was furiously twitching.

I instantly thought, “Oh my goodness, this flipping eye twitch is connected to my pacemaker!” Luckily I had a follow-up appointment soon with my cardiologist and the pacemaker specialist.

I did a little research and saw that I wasn’t the only one that was experiencing a weird eye twitch after having a pacemaker placed.

At my cardiologist appointment, I told my doctor about the eye twitch and he had the pacemaker specialist “turn down” the strength of the charge on my pacemaker.

Literally from that moment on I have not had a single twitch in my eye!

Who knew that something like that could occur?! But if you think about it, how the body works, the types of cells stimulated and the nerves that the charge may affect, it makes perfect sense.

Wait! Is It Safe To Use An Electric Toothbrush With A Pacemaker?

electric toothbrush

I love whitening my teeth, but it’s messy and can be very harsh to the enamel and the gums.

I was watching a YouTube makeup video and the vlogger mentioned a Sonicare Healthy White toothbrush that she uses now instead of bleach to whiten her teeth.

I immediately knew I wanted that toothbrush. My next thought was whether or not an electric toothbrush would be safe to use with me having a pacemaker.

Would it somehow trigger it to pace or turn it off completely?

Again, I did a little research and found that there are a lot of people with the same question.

There were also a few people that had a few answers from personal experience.

Some people had bad experiences, others had mild experiences, while others didn’t have any negative response to using an electric toothbrush.

Those with bad experiences felt it triggered their pacing, while those with mild experiences weren’t too sure what they felt.

But all the same felt it was safe enough to use while brushing their teeth holding the brush in the hand on the opposite side of their pacemaker.

I found that if my pacemaker has any response to it at all, it’s mild enough that I don’t notice at all and my pacemaker has continued to work.

But I do point the battery (at the end of the brush) to the right, away from my pacemaker and I brush with my right hand.

I truly believe everyone’s experience will be different. Please contact your physician if you have any questions or weird experiences with any device.

Ummmm, Is Sex Safe With A Pacemaker?

I’m human. I’m not only human, but I’m a woman in the prime of my life who is very comfortable in my skin, thus, very comfortable in my sexuality.

I am married and I’m very attracted to my spouse. Maintaining a healthy physical relationship with my spouse is important to me for my relationship.

In the first couple months after my last ablation surgery when I also got the pacemaker, I was a little concerned about how my heart would react to the “excitement” of a sexual encounter.

For a couple months the physicality of sex was out of the question for me because of my recovery from the pacemaker placement and the inflammation from having the balloon inflated between my heart and my phrenic nerve.

Once I was healed enough to give it a go, I did a little research. Most people didn’t have any issues with sex with a pacemaker.

That was enough for me! So, other than a little awkwardness because my incision site was still sore and I have “strained” range of motion of my left arm, things went great.

There was no weird pain and if I went into tachycardia, the pacemaker handled it.

But be safe and refer to your cardiologist for any questions or out of place pain or symptoms you may experience.

Annnd, My Incision Scar From My Pacemaker is Hypertrophic! What The…!?

UUUGGHHH!!! Other than the limitation to my range of motion of my left arm because of my pacemaker placement, my incision healed hypertrophically.

Raised and sensitive, it is causing me a lot of grief. I can barely touch or wear anything that will brush it. It’s like the nerve endings are raw.

I initially started massaging it with cocoa butter twice a day. That wasn’t helping and I was in tears every time I did it.

I’ve moved on to Scar Away, a silicone gel for scars. I’m supposed to use it for 3 months before judging the results.

But I am so much pain just from the scar that I’ve scheduled an appointment with my primary physician so that I can get a referral to a dermatologist.

After studying up on hypertrophic scarring, I found that cortisone shots are very effective. I’m praying they will be for me.

I have to admit, despite all of the weird things I’ve had to deal with and manage since have a pacemaker place due to my Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, overall, my quality of life has gone from 40% to about 70%.

I am not in pain all the time and I look forward to feeling better and continuing to improve.

What weirdness have you all experienced with inappropriate sinus tachycardia and/or getting a pacemaker?

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